Living your passion

Many of my favorite articles are about people living their passion. Sometimes it happens after they invest a great deal of focused time and work, and sometimes they discover it along the way.

For Jeffrey Karp, owner of Integrity RX, a fertility specialty pharmacy in Scottsdale, it was a little of both. He was working at a friend’s pharmacy after graduating from pharmacy school when he was contacted by another friend whose wife was about to begin fertility treatments. Karp began doing research to help his friend then discovered that he really enjoyed using his pharmaceutical background to help couples have children and he continued down that path.

Integrity RX
Jeffrey Karp, owner and founder of Integrity RX

Ironically, a few years later, he and his wife struggled with having a child and went through fertility treatments themselves, which he says added another level of connection with his patients.

Karp recently celebrated the third anniversary of his pharmacy, which now helps patients from around the country grow their families. Read more about it in my article in this week’s issue of Phoenix Jewish News.

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