A buffet is our favorite meal

Buffets are my favorite meal because I can try a little of this and a little of that instead of a big plate of one thing.  When I heard that Jan. 2 was National Buffet Day, I said, YES, that’s something that we need to celebrate!

Sweet Tomatoes is the restaurant that our family most often frequents, starting with when our oldest son, now 11, was an infant and I used to spoon feed him mashed sweet potatoes. We’ve moved through many stages of Sweet Tomatoes in the years that followed, from walking through the salad bar line with an infant carrier, to maneuvering multiple plates and trays with my husband and I filling them with developmentally appropriate foods while accompanied by little ones too short to see what their choices were to where we are now, with three boys who fill their own plates – fortunately with a variety of vegetables rather than just croutons and pasta – and even carry their own trays to the table and fill their own drinks.

When we visit Las Vegas, we try to hit a buffet at least once (it’s tempting to go more than once, but not recommended). We keep kosher so we avoid the meat and shellfish, which helps limit the overeating, but there are usually enough other foods to indulge in that we don’t go away hungry. (Quite the opposite, actually.)

It’s a little ironic that National Buffet Day falls on Jan. 2, the day after many people start their New Year’s Resolutions, which often involves dieting. It’s probably no coincidence that Jan. 2 is also National Personal Trainer Awareness Day.

Our Medley Moment:

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