Chocolate with a cherry inside

One of the most fascinating things about life is that there’s always something to learn. For instance, I recently learned that Jan. 3 is National Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day. I don’t often think about chocolate-covered cherries and haven’t eaten one in years, but  today I realized that there are actually lessons one can learn from chocolate-covered cherries.

Chocolate-covered cherry

First, a little history of the sweet treat: The first known chocolate-covered cherry was sold by a company called Cella’s, who has produced the chocolate-covered cherry since 1864. (Cella’s joined the Tootsie company in 1985.) When I checked the Tootsie company’s website, I learned that  “Tootsie” was the nickname of the  daughter of Tootsie’s founder, Leo Hirshfield, an Austrian immigrant. I also learned that there have actually been studies to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Yes, I got a little distracted in my quest to find out more about chocolate-covered cherries. The Internet has a tendency to cause me to do that.

Second, you never know what’s inside: If you buy a box of chocolate-covered cherries, you’re likely going to get a cherry inside the chocolate. But we’re talking LARGER life lessons here – when you meet someone, you don’t always know what’s inside – you may be surprised. Is it a maraschino cherry, a fresh cherry or a dried cherry? Will there be alcohol, syrup or pits  inside?

Third: Chocolate-covered anything is usually pretty good.

Our Medley Moments

First step: Wash and remove the pits
Chocolate-covered cherries
Second step: Melt the chocolate chips and cover the cherries with chocolate
Chocolate-covered cherries
Third step: Try to make sure some of the cherries make it through the second step then put the chocolate-covered cherries in the fridge to cool.
chocolate-covered cherry
A chocolate-covered cherry

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