I can now see the top of my desk

National C.O.Y.D.D.

Holidays aren’t all chocolate-covered cherries and whipped cream, sometimes there’s hard work involved. That was the case with today’s holiday: National Clean Off Your Desk Day.

I admit it, I tend to save WAY too many things. My desk usually has a few stacks with materials to read, papers that I might need and notes, cards and artwork from my children. I’ve always liked Albert Einstein’s quote about desks: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

When I cleaned my desk today, I found a 2017 calendar AND a 2016-2017 calendar, synagogue newsletters, photos, expired coupons, two filled file folders labeled “To Do” and several notebooks. In one notebook were plans for our a 2014 family trip to Legoland, interviews for stories I wrote when I worked at the Jewish News, notes from a meeting with one of my son’s teachers, planning notes for a synagogue gala, song lyrics and ideas for a novel.  I ended up filling a whole paper bag with papers to recycle. And that was all on top of my desk – I didn’t even get to what’s inside yet. (Not sure if there’s a National Clean Out Your Desk Drawers Day, but if not, maybe I’ll get to that on my own.)

For the song of the day, I’ll include one of my own here, just because it fits the theme of the day so well. It’s called “Throw it All Away.”


Our Medley Moment

I’m proud to report that now everything on my desk is current and I only have 10 notebooks/pads of paper on top. (Once I clean out my drawers, I’ll have a room to put them inside.) My oldest son’s desk is now clean, too, and ready for the next semester. (He’s back at school today so my husband cleaned off his desk, which resulted in a box filled with stuff to go through later.) By the way, Z designed both the image at the top of the post and the Tempura Day image yesterday, as well as created the image below on his computer. (This little note is included for his Savta (grandmother) who reads this blog…)


Today is also National Bubble Bath Day. Maybe there’s still time to observe that one, too.



  1. so I have been working on a feng sui approach … 9 days straight 27 things each day to cull out in my phyisical life. Giving thanks to each thing as I get rid of it.
    Miss a day …. you have to start all over. SIgh… too tired to start another project being that I have been going strong since 5am with 30 min prior to rev up. …. and once again I will be starting all over… tomorrow.


    • Wow, 27 things a day, that does sound like a challenge! Good luck with the next nine days! I like the idea of saying goodbye to things you get rid of – I’ve been taking some pics and writing about some of mine as I go through the house. A digital file takes up less space!


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