January: A month for soup, clean closets and life balance

Not only do the daily holidays offer opportunities to try new things, each month also brings new experiences. For instance, January is national soup month, which I had in mind earlier this month when I made a big pot of delicious vegetable soup. Other food holidays this month are Hot Tea Month and National Oatmeal Month. Warm food and beverages for cold weather, that makes sense.

The timing is right for these January observances, as they set you on a good route for the New Year:

  • National Get Organized Month, a campaign by the National Association of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO) Professionals
  • National Clean up Your Computer Month
  • National Clean out Your Closets Month
  • National Be on Purpose Month
  • International Quality of Life Month
  • Financial Wellness Month
  • National Life Balance Month

January also highlights health-related topics, such as cervical health awareness, birth defects prevention, glaucoma awareness and thyroid awareness.

Even for the daily celebrations, there are multiple options each day. Today is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day, but also National Cut Your Energy Costs (which I discovered after I went around turning off lights after everyone left the house today – and I didn’t even realize I was observing a holiday!) and Save the Eagles Day.

National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
Z had fun searching chocolate images to design this graphic.

For the purpose of the Every day is a Holiday project with my children, I’m selecting one or two topics each day, but I’ll also be touching upon some of the monthly observances, too. I really need to tackle the Clean Out Your Closets this month and my computer is pretty cluttered, too. I have so many icons on my desktop, it’s rather ridiculous. 

Our Medley Moment

Today’s Bittersweet Chocolate Day so we each had a taste of bittersweet chocolate. It was enjoyed by all.



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