National Pie Day

A time for baking pie

Jan. 23 is National Pie Day so we baked a pumpkin pie after dinner. It was one of those afternoons/evenings with after-school activities so we got home later than usual and everyone was hungry and cranky and I was about to call off the whole pie-baking thing, but the kids insisted.

Our Medley Moment

Only one of the kids joined in the actual baking part tonight – my 9-year-old – and he did most of the work, cracking the eggs, stirring in the pumpkin puree (for Thanksgiving we used real pumpkins, but this time we used canned pumpkin), mixed in the dry ingredients and poured it into the pie crust. We used this recipe from geniuskitchen,com: Stevia Pumpkin Pie Recipe.

All the kids joined in the eating of the pie, but the baker got the first slice.


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