National Peanut Butter Day

What a great PB & J sandwich. Thank you.

Jan. 24 is National Peanut Butter Day and National Compliment Day. It was another one of those days with after-school activities. They had a big snack after school so they weren’t very hungry when they got home.

So instead of peanut butter, we gave each other compliments, during which I learned that the kids weren’t too adept at giving compliments.  It was more “you’re funny” rather than a specific highlight that the person did. It could be because I interrupted video game playing time to have them give each other compliments so they weren’t that into it.  Then they got hungrier later so two of them ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so that’s how we celebrated National Peanut Butter Day. I forgot to take pictures.

Originally I had planned to make peanut butter cookies but just didn’t have the energy. Today’s celebration was a bit of flop, but I guess that’s bound to happen once in awhile.

I did, however, start working on the Every Day is a Holiday newsletter that we’re going to start in February, which will include upcoming holidays and celebration ideas so if you haven’t signed for it yet, I hope you do. You can subscribe right on the home page. More on the newsletter soon.

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