National Opposite Day

Opposite Day

Opposite Day started a little too early today, before I had my coffee.  My kids started saying all these strange things and it took me a few moments to figure out what was going on.

Actually, I  guess that’s not the only time that happens. The other day I was with the older two kids while the youngest had soccer practice. They wanted to throw around a football, but then they started throwing out all these terms “Mystery box, dead or alive!” “Jackpot, alive!” “Monkey!” I had no idea what anything meant, I thought I was just supposed to catch the ball. Then I caught the ball and was told, “Mom! That was sticky glue, you weren’t supposed to catch it, now you can’t move until you get water.”


Fifth-grade math is like that, too.  My son will show me his math problems and when I try to help him with it, he tells me that’s not the way that he learned it. Not that I was very good at math anyway, but then they changed the process somewhere along the way, even though the answers are the same.

This morning I got a notification from Pinterest telling me that they found some pins for a 50th birthday party, do I want to see them. What?! Not yet, Pinterest, not quite there yet.

Young is old and old is young and nothing makes sense anymore.

Or maybe it’s just National Opposite Day.

National Opposite Day


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