A recipe with the sloth of the sweetener world

Last year on this day, I had no idea Feb. 8 is National Molasses Bar Day. Tonight, we made a batch.

Technically we made “Molasses Oatmeal Bars,” from a recipe on Genius Kitchen. That should still qualify though.

I have a memory of my mom saying “slow as molasses” so tonight I got a chance to pass that expression down to my children and they got to see it in action (a verrrry slow action, kind of the sloth of the sweetener world). IMG_20180208_201514

There were some mishaps – like the first cracked egg didn’t quite  make it into the bowl – but it was fun to spend this time together. I remember making cakes and cookies with my mom growing up – and licking the bowl. Part of the fun of baking is trying some of the ingredients along the way so the boys got to try the brown sugar and the molasses (we usually use Stevia).  The brown sugar definitely got better ratings than the molasses.

I enjoy baking, although I haven’t had the best of luck with it. Once in high school I thought I’d try a recipe called “No-fail Fudge” but I grabbed the salt instead of the sugar. Fail. Then there were the breads or cakes that didn’t rise properly. Because I scored with a husband who is a good cook and enjoys cooking, usually he does the daily meals and I prepare the holiday meals. So the all this recent baking and cooking with the “Every Day is a Holiday” campaign has sort of shifted my evening plans, but it’s been a great experience so far.

This recipe got two thumbs-up – from the two older boys who helped make it – and a “yuck, this is gross” from the youngest one, who was busy with an activity in the other room so didn’t help out much besides the brown sugar and molasses tasting portions. It’s funny how things sometimes taste better when you’ve put in some of the work.

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