Good Intentions: A new lyric music video

Last weekend I started a little project – I thought I’d try making a lyric video from one of my songs, using images I made in Canva.

I took a song that I wrote more than two years ago and re-recorded it and then put the images and music together in Movie Maker. Here’s how it turned out:

As you can likely tell by the lyrics, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when I wrote it. I remember I was at a point where I felt overextended between a full-time job,  taking care of the kids and serving on a couple of boards. I felt stretched so thin that I didn’t feel like I was being effective in anything I was doing.

The first part of the song references all that’s available out there in the world – all the information that’s readily available about nearly every subject you can think of, all the places you can go and all the good causes that need people’s time and money. There are so many choices – how do you choose what to make your priority? There are also so many stories of people doing incredible things – the stories are so inspiring, but what should I be doing? What should my contribution be to this world?

The chorus refers to all the things I think of doing or want to do but then end up not getting around to. The next two verses are self-explanatory – trying to keep up with technology and social media. Social media seems to dominate our lives now. We are so dependent on social media keeping us connected with people and with what’s happening in the world and GPS to getting us where we want to go. If social media were to shut down for one day, how would that affect the world?

The next verses state that sometimes you need to shut everything off. Turn off the phone, take time to reboot. The last verse is an apology to anyone who might have felt I didn’t do what I should have done. I didn’t have anyone in particular in mind when I wrote it, but it addressed the general feeling of knowing you should have done more, but didn’t.

And there you have it, a song about good intentions.

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