Our paths may cross again someday

A few weeks ago I was thinking about all the people we come into contact with in our lives. Some are there for only a minute or two – such as a grocery store cashier in a store we stop in at once on our way home from work – others are there for the long-term, such as family or good friends.

Then there are others that we see on a regular basis for weeks or months, although we don’t actually know them. These are the people who work in the same office building and we greet each other in the hallway on the way to the restroom or the person behind the counter at a local pizza shop.

I was recently thinking of the people I used to see in the office building at my last job. The guy who always paced in the hallway talking very urgently into his cell phone and avoiding eye contact, the kind woman who cleaned the bathroom, the woman from a small office down the hall who sometimes dressed in full-on office attire and other times gym clothes and always looked like she was in a hurry.

There are also times when we meet someone and there’s a sense of familiarity about them, although you can’t quite place where you saw them before.

These experiences sparked the idea for one of my recent songs, “Our Paths May Cross Again Someday.” Although it’s not about anybody in particular, it’s about how we connect with the people around us.

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