Desert Botanical Garden lights up the desert

Lights and music are transforming the grounds of the Desert Botanical Garden each night.

We recently had a holiday gathering at DBG for work and got to experience this transformation. I had visited the garden in October with my kids for a Halloween-related event, but didn’t get to spend much time seeing the Electric Desert exhibit. I’m so glad I got a chance to revisit it.


It was fairly quiet at the garden on that weekday evening, which was wonderful because it wasn’t too crowded, which allowed you moments to be mesmerized by the way the lights shone directly on each individual cactus, making it appear like they were moving to the music.


At one point I got separated from the group and wandered through the garden on my own. A few feet away from where I was standing, I came to the portion of the exhibit pictured above. There was nobody else around and with the lights dancing over the cacti to haunting music, for a moment I felt like I was in an enchanted desert, transported away from the busy city outside the garden.

Klip Collective transformed the garden into a giant canvas, using projection mapping. It’s amazing how someone’s creativity can create such a compelling exhibit for others.

I posted some videos on my Instagram account (click here.)

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