Afternoon adventure in Ahwatukee

My sons have spent a fair amount of time at trampoline parks over the past few years, primarily at birthday parties. Since it’s an experience that they’ve grown up with, the novelty of having a large room full of trampolines has appeared to have worn off. (I don’t understand why – they don’t seem to tire of bouncing off the walls at home…)

However, as soon as we entered Urban Air Adventure Park in Ahwatukee, it was apparent something was different and this wasn’t a standard trampoline park. Maybe it was the kids flying overhead on the Sky Rider indoor coaster or climbing up the walls that gave it more of the feeling of an indoor amusement park.

After picking up their required socks and wristbands, the younger boys (8 and 10) were excited to try the Sky Rider, while my oldest son, 12, headed for the climbing walls. We received complimentary tickets to the Ultimate package, which gave us access to all the attractions. My 8-year-old typically is hesitant to try these sort of activities, so I was a little surprised he was so eager to try it; I think he may have been channeling some of his older brother’s excitement. But he happily (although a tinge nervously) donned the harness, not knowing what to expect. Before I knew it, he was on top and ready to fly.

He called the experience “terrifying but fun.”

My 10-year-old also really enjoyed the ropes course and went through it twice. His younger brother garnered courage to put the harness on and get to the type of the cycle but then decided he didn’t want to do that.

They both enjoyed the Warrior Obstacle Course, too, and it was fun to see them navigate their way across the challenges.

Meanwhile, my oldest son focused on conquering all of the climbing walls.

After trying the various attractions, one spent a few minutes playing dodge ball and they all enjoyed the Battle Beam, where they could “battle” each other over the foam pit.

We’re past the days when we need an area away from the big kids because they’re now (gasp!) the big kids, but Urban Air does have a trampoline area for the the younger crowd, ages 7 and younger. There’s also a Tubes Playground, although my boys were above the maximum height requirement for that.

Urban Air Adventure was a fun, safe place for the boys to try something new and to add a sense of adventure to our afternoon.

Learn more at urbanairtrampolinepark.com.

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