On to 2023 and to something new

I’d been considering starting a new blog in 2023 – with a plan to post everyday but also include excerpts from my past blogs.

After receiving a notification about an email from Jeff Goins with the subject line “I’m quitting blogging (and almost everything else),” I learned about Substack. I’ve been reading his articles off and on through the years and read his book “Real Artists Don’t Starve” a few years ago ands since I’ve known him as a blogger, that caught my attention.

It seems like it’s basically a newsletter/blog platform but really I just want a place to write and it seems to be a community for writers so I thought I’d give it a try.

As my boys get older, I am less comfortable about writing about them, which is what this blog started as (though not as much as “Sunny with a Chance of Showers,” which went into great detail about my motherhood experiences from 2009-2013.) I’ve also been writing another blog, “Songwriting Journey” about songwriting since 2018, which has focused on my songs and inspiration for songs.

Since I only wrote three blog posts on “A Medley of Moments” in 2022, it feels like I should archive this one and move on. I may return now and then but if you’d like to subscribe to my new Substack project, that would be wonderful! Come join me at leisah.substack.com.


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