A Medley of Moments

A summer like no other

When we welcomed the New Year, certainly nobody anticipated how 2020 would change our lives. We greeted the new year as we had in previous years, with resolutions and plans and with an assumption that our plans would be carried out. Never in our lifetime have plans changed so drastically on such a wide scale. […]

Tisha B’Av in the midst of COVID-19

One thing that always fascinates me about Judaism is the relevance of ancient holidays in modern life. When learning about Jewish history, there’s usually insight that can be applied to today. For instance, we are now in the midst of the three weeks – a period of mourning that commemorates the destruction of both Jerusalem […]

6 ideas for at-home camp

It’s a summer like no other. After weeks of remote learning, the school year unceremoniously blurred into summer and families all around the country are trying to adapt to this new normal. For those looking for some ideas on how to occupy your kids during this COVID-19 pandemic experience, I thought I’d share some of […]

Taking a step back

When 2020 began – about five years ago wasn’t it? – it seemed to bring so much optimism with it. Even more so than most new years because it was the start of a new decade but even the sound of it – 20/20 – made it sound like it would be a year of […]

Sweet Tomatoes buffet

When surreal becomes reality

For me, it was the ads that indicate that face masks are now a fashion accessory and the announcement of the permanent closing of one of our family’s favorite restaurants. As these type of things appear in everyday life, the realization of our new reality is sinking in. We’ve rarely left the house in the […]

A Passover like no other

In this sliver of time between the end of Passover and spring break and the return to the new normal of working from home and remote learning, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on what happened this year. All the Passover dishes are packed up and put away, and as I was […]

A month at home during a pandemic

It’s now about a month since we shifted to our new reality. More than a month ago was the last time I picked up the kids after school. Earlier that week there were emails from teachers about the possibility of switching to remote learning, but it was expressed in a vague “just in case” sentiment. […]

Shifting to a new reality

In a matter of days, our world has changed and although the sun is shining outside and it looks like if we were to venture outside our neighborhood, things would be as we remembered it, that’s not the case. Schools are closed, city facilities like libraries and recreation centers are closed, local businesses are shutting […]


Going forth: The first bar mitzvah

Last month, my oldest son had his bar mitzvah. His parsha (section from the Torah) was “Lech Lecha,” which means “Go forth” and tells the story of how Abraham left his father’s home to go to a new land. Although we selected that week because that was also my husband’s bar mitzvah parsha, it ended […]


The first step back to the gym

I don’t recall when I last let my gym membership lapse, but I think it was sometime when my oldest son was a toddler. I used to enjoy the group fitness classes, specifically kick-boxing, but I also regularly took step aerobic classes. Other times I plugged my headset into the cross-training machine or the treadmill […]


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