It tasted better than it looked

Jan. 26 was National Green Juice Day so we made some green juice.

I’ve never made green juice before so I found a recipe for a green smoothie on the 100 Days of Real Food site.  It has a helpful chart of different ingredients to choose from. I picked spinach, almond milk, strawberries, apples and oranges. Per the directions, I first mixed the spinach and almond milk and blended it to a nice green color. Then I added the fruit. Not so pretty.

Each boy got their own glass of green juice, they clinked their glasses together with a “Cheers” and had a sip. It received two thumbs down and a “Delicious!” with a second helping. I thought it tasted pretty good, definitely better than it looked. (One comment was “It tastes like spoiled lettuce,” though I’m not sure where he got that idea since I don’t recall ever serving that before.)

Our Medley Moment



Australia Day

Today is also Australia day, which is very relevant to me only because my favorite rock star is from Australia and he has a new CD out today called “The Snake King.” I’ve been looking forward to hearing it for a few months now, ever since I heard he was working on it and he’s been all over the Internet and the news these past week talking about it, which has been fun. RS The Snake King

It’s blues-rock, a genre that he’s played for many years but this is his first CD focused on it. It’s a very dark album as he was going through a period of depression when he wrote it and it’s brilliant as far as the music and lyrics, but probably not one that I will be playing a lot when the kids are around. (His last album, “Rocket Science” and his earlier CDs were on auto-play for long periods of time, but this one will have more selected listening times.)

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, ever since third grade when I went through a big koala bear phase. I had several koala bear stuffed animals, those little clip-on koala bears and really wanted to hold a koala bear, though I have not yet had the opportunity. Then when I was in junior high, my infatuation with Rick Springfield started and from them on, whenever I heard anything about Australia, I thought of him. When my kids were younger, one of their favorite shows was “The Wiggles” so I got to see more of Australia through them.

In honor of Australia Day, here’s Rick Springfield’s video for “In the Land of the Blind,” off his new CD “The Snake King.” Both the CD and the video were released today (as was the National Green Juice Day video above.)


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