Does weight gain come with national holiday celebrations?

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Today was National Cream Cheese Brownie Day (Feb. 10). Yesterday was National Bagel Day. And National Pizza Day.  Those days followed National Molasses Bar Day, National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, National Frozen Yogurt Day and World Nutella Day.

All fun, delicious holidays, yes, but not so good on the waist line.

Today we made cream cheese brownies, which included a box of brownie mix and 8 oz. of cream cheese.  So tasty, but definitely not something to eat on a regular basis.

Yesterday two of the kids had pizza lunch at school so that covered National Pizza Day. I had a business lunch at Chompie’s, a local deli/restaurant, so I had a bagel and brought some home for anyone else who wanted one for National Bagel Day. In the scheme of things, that was a pretty easy holiday to celebrate. Both bagels and pizza are family favorites, so scored a five out of five for everyone involved.


Today was also National Umbrella Day. It doesn’t rain here in Phoenix very often so I’m not even sure where our umbrella is (I think it may be in my car), but umbrellas definitely come in handy when it rains and we’re grateful for the person who invented it.  The word “umbrella” comes from the Latin word umbra, which means shaded or shadow and the umbrella originated in China.

Another holiday today – the most important one – is  Savta’s birthday – Happy birthday, Savta! The boys sang “Happy Birthday” to her on a video call since she lives out of state.

Our Medley Moments

Today’s treat was made with assistance from my oldest son. So many of the recipes we found for cream cheese brownies involved using a brownie mix so we started with that then used the “Easy Cream Cheese Brownies ” recipe from

Did I mention that the recipe called for 8 oz. of cream cheese? Then we mixed 1/3 cup of sugar with the cream cheese, as well as an egg and vanilla. It was very tasty, but that wasn’t a surprise considering the ingredients. I just went with all regular ingredients this time so I’m not sure what it would have tasted like if I’d used nonfat cream cheese and Stevia. Probably not as decadent. Once in awhile, you gotta splurge. This recipe got a four out of five – the youngest one, who typically has the biggest sweet tooth out of all of us,  didn’t like the cream cheese topping.


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